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The most frequent Y topics:

(13x) Yaqui Indians (7x) Yardley, J. C. (62x) Year (8x) Years (9x) Yeats (12x) Yeats, W. B. (William Butler) (8x) Yellowstone (18x) Yellowstone National Park (11x) Yiddish language (8x) Yiddish literature (7x) Yoga (12x) Yoruba (African people) (17x) You (7x) Young adult fiction (12x) Young adult fiction, American (22x) Young adult literature (7x) Young Adult Nonfiction (7x) Young adult services librarians (21x) Young adults (43x) Young adults' libraries (37x) Young Men (40x) Young women (7x) Young, Brigham (27x) Your Pocket (7x) Yourcenar, Marguerite (116x) Youth (9x) Youth movements (10x) Yu, Anthony C. (15x) Yucatan (21x) Yucatán (Mexico : State) (23x) Yucatán (State) (12x) Yucatán Peninsula (16x) Yugoslav War, 1991-1995 (28x) Yugoslavia (10x) Yukon (14x) Yupik Eskimos

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