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The most frequent R topics:

(15x) Rabbinical literature (20x) Rabbis (11x) Rabinow, Paul (714x) Race (131x) Race & Ethnic Relations (40x) Race awareness (89x) Race discrimination (294x) Race identity (111x) Race in literature (16x) Race in motion pictures (1194x) Race relations (43x) Race relations in literature (11x) Race relations in motion pictures (10x) Racial Politics (58x) Racially mixed people (17x) Racially mixed people in literature (346x) Racism (15x) Racism in education (13x) Racism in higher education (23x) Racism in literature (17x) Racism in popular culture (13x) Rackham, H. (11x) Radano, Ronald (89x) Radar (12x) Radiation (147x) Radicalism (11x) Radicalism in literature (38x) Radicals (77x) Radio (40x) Radio broadcasting (69x) Railroads (10x) Rain (19x) Rain forest ecology (42x) Ralph Waldo Emerson (31x) Ranch life (13x) Ranchers (11x) RAND Corporation (26x) RAND Review (15x) Randall, Margaret (46x) Rap & Hip Hop (29x) Rap (Music) (32x) Rape (10x) Rappaport, Joanne (13x) Rating of (17x) Rational choice theory (19x) Rationalism (17x) Rationality (15x) Rawls, John (13x) Read (65x) Reader (27x) Reader-response criticism (71x) Readers (14x) Readers' Advisory Guide (21x) Readers' advisory services (145x) Reading (66x) Readings (17x) Reagan, Ronald (25x) Real (44x) Real Estate (16x) Real estate development (11x) Real property (68x) Realism (55x) Realism in literature (12x) Realities (69x) Reality (94x) Reason (43x) Reasoning (11x) Rebel (29x) Rebellion (13x) Rebels (19x) Rebirth (24x) Reception (10x) Recessions (28x) Recipes (10x) Reciprocity (20x) Reckoning (18x) Reclaiming (10x) Recognition (24x) Recollections (16x) Recollections Interviews (46x) Reconciliation (13x) Reconstructing (42x) Reconstruction (13x) Reconstruction (1939-1951) (57x) Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877) (12x) Record (14x) Recording & Reproduction (10x) Recording and reproducing (21x) Records (11x) Recovering (27x) Recovery (26x) Recreation (11x) Recruiting (15x) Red (19x) Redemption (12x) Rediscovering (970x) Reference (12x) Reference books (12x) Reference services (14x) Reference services (Libraries) (10x) Reflection (185x) Reflections (120x) Reform (66x) Reform Judaism (17x) Reform Siddur (45x) Reformation (10x) Reformers (12x) Refuge (108x) Refugees (15x) Refuse and refuse disposal (102x) Regimental histories (18x) Region (247x) Regional (135x) Regional & Ethnic (73x) Regional Planning (226x) Regional Studies (56x) Regionalism (20x) Regionalism in literature (25x) Regulation (56x) Rehabilitation (10x) Reimagining (16x) Reinventing (11x) Reinvention (437x) Relations (10x) Relations with African Americans (30x) Relations with faculty and curriculum (22x) Relations with Indians (21x) Relations with Jews (15x) Relations with women (25x) Relativity (14x) Reliability (5448x) Religion (101x) Religion & Science (43x) Religion and culture (21x) Religion and law (42x) Religion and literature (103x) Religion and politics (105x) Religion and science (38x) Religion and sociology (36x) Religion and state (12x) Religion historians (27x) Religion in literature (310x) Religion, Politics & State (51x) Religions (621x) Religious (1100x) Religious aspects (10x) Religious fundamentalism (34x) Religious Intolerance, Persecution & Conflict (132x) Religious life (129x) Religious life and customs (18x) Religious pluralism (29x) Relocation (10x) Remains (32x) Remaking (27x) Remembering (13x) Remembrance (15x) Reminiscences (583x) Renaissance (20x) Renaissance Italy (36x) Renaissance, 1450-1600 (10x) Rendall, Steven (26x) Renewable energy sources (29x) Renewal (12x) Reno (13x) Reorganization (13x) Reparations for historical injustices (12x) Repatriation (25x) Report (146x) Report writing (16x) Reportage literature, American (20x) Reporters and reporting (10x) Reporting (88x) Representation (29x) Representations (69x) Representative government and representation (10x) Representing (17x) Repression (38x) Reproduction (19x) Reproductive Medicine & Technology (21x) Reproductive rights (15x) Reptiles (47x) Reptiles & Amphibians (55x) Republic (114x) Republic of South Africa (14x) Republic, 1912-1949 (19x) Republic, 510-30 B.C (28x) Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ) (28x) Republicanism (12x) Reputation (21x) Requirements for Certification (11x) Rereading (13x) Res (33x) Rescher, Nicholas (18x) Rescue (771x) Research (15x) Research & Development (59x) Research & Methodology (11x) Research institutes (12x) Reshaping (31x) Residential (27x) Resilience (140x) Resistance (22x) Resources (12x) Respect (20x) Response (19x) Responses (51x) Responsibility (11x) Rest (26x) Restaurants (23x) Restoration (51x) Restoration ecology (12x) Restoring (15x) Resurrection (10x) Retailing (33x) Rethinking (26x) Retirement (12x) Retirement Planning (57x) Return (17x) Return migration (39x) Revelation (14x) Revenge (30x) Review (29x) Reviews (36x) Revised (118x) Revised Edition (22x) Revival (11x) Revivals (17x) Revolt (197x) Revolution (110x) Revolution, 1775-1783 (49x) Revolution, 1789-1799 (13x) Revolution, 1791-1804 (10x) Revolution, 1835-1836 (17x) Revolution, 1910-1920 (27x) Revolution, 1917-1921 (13x) Revolution, 1979 (57x) Revolutionaries (335x) Revolutionary Period (1775-1800) (57x) Revolutions (69x) Revolutions & Wars of Independence (11x) Rewriting (1061x) Rhetoric (10x) Rhetoric and psychology (48x) Rhetoric, Ancient (15x) Rhetoric, Medieval (20x) Rhetorics (14x) Rhode Island (23x) Rhythm (12x) Rice, Prudence M. (12x) Rich & Famous (11x) Richmond (10x) Richmond (Va.) (21x) Ricoeur, Paul (65x) Right (52x) Right and left (Political science) (33x) Right of property (12x) Right to Die (22x) Right-wing extremists (54x) Rights (16x) Rilke, Rainer Maria (18x) Rio de Janeiro (10x) Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) (23x) Riots (337x) Rise (48x) Risk (17x) Risk assessment (21x) Risk management (15x) Risk-taking (Psychology) (170x) Rites and ceremonies (70x) Ritual (35x) Rituals (64x) Rituals & Practice (45x) River (12x) River life (119x) Rivers (70x) Road (34x) Roads (15x) Robert Browning (31x) Robotics (13x) Robots (95x) Rock (52x) Rock music (20x) Rock musicians (21x) Rock paintings (12x) Rockmore, Tom (15x) Rocky Mountains (11x) Rocky Mountains Region (10x) Rogers, William Warren (43x) Role (12x) Rolfe, J. C. (14x) Roman (17x) Roman Empire (18x) Roman History (16x) Roman influences (10x) Roman law (66x) Romance (12x) Romance Languages (Other) (20x) Romances (20x) Romania (11x) Romanies (34x) Romans (113x) Romanticism (574x) Rome (32x) Rome (Italy) (10x) Room (23x) Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano) (17x) Roosevelt, Theodore (59x) Roots (18x) Rose, Jonathan S. (51x) Rosenberg, Emily S. (28x) Rossini, Gioachino (10x) Rousseau (41x) Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (20x) Royalty (42x) RSF (10x) Ruin (32x) Ruins (29x) Rule (34x) Rule of law (34x) Rules (14x) Rules and practice (11x) Run (11x) Runia, David T. (19x) running (12x) Running & Jogging (123x) Rural (119x) Rural conditions (53x) Rural development (14x) Rural families (12x) Rural poor (17x) Rural women (30x) Rural-urban migration (11x) Rural-urban relations (12x) Ruse, Michael (42x) Russell Sage Foundation Journal (574x) Russia (183x) Russia (Federation) (19x) Russian (410x) Russian & Soviet (20x) Russian fiction (12x) Russian language (81x) Russian literature (15x) Russian poetry (22x) Russians (14x) Russkai͡a pravoslavnai͡a t͡serkovʹ (13x) Rutgers University (29x) Rwanda (15x) Ryals, Clyde de L.

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