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The most frequent L topics:

(461x) Labor (27x) Labor & Employment (302x) Labor & Industrial Relations (14x) Labor disputes (16x) Labor economics (12x) Labor laws and legislation (11x) Labor leaders (49x) Labor market (12x) Labor mobility (90x) Labor movement (22x) Labor policy (26x) Labor supply (172x) Labor unions (26x) Lacan, Jacques (10x) Lach, Donald F. (14x) Lakes (33x) Lakes, Ponds & Swamps (10x) Laks, André (171x) Land (34x) Land Israel (43x) Land reform (38x) Land settlement (27x) Land settlement patterns (24x) Land settlement patterns, Prehistoric (117x) Land tenure (131x) Land use (18x) Land use, Rural (15x) Land use, Urban (31x) Landmarks & Monuments (10x) Landowners (234x) Landscape (25x) Landscape archaeology (32x) Landscape architecture (19x) Landscape assessment (28x) Landscape changes (14x) Landscape ecology (13x) Landscape gardening (10x) Landscape in literature (13x) Landscape photography (21x) Landscape protection (124x) Landscapes (12x) Landscapes & Seascapes (15x) Landscapes in literature (13x) Langhans, Edward A. (408x) Language (31x) Language acquisition (80x) Language and culture (171x) Language and languages (24x) Language and logic (50x) Language Arts (3624x) Language Arts & Disciplines (15x) Language policy (37x) Language Study (14x) Language, style (123x) Languages (16x) Languages in contact (12x) Laos (31x) Las Vegas (25x) Las Vegas (Nev.) (12x) Last (10x) Last years (11x) LastName (26x) Late Antiquity (12x) Late Imperial China (11x) Late Middle Ages (11x) Late Twentieth Century (17x) Later Works (19x) Later Years (103x) Latin (2010x) Latin America (18x) Latin American fiction (47x) Latin American literature (28x) Latin Americans (21x) Latin language (19x) Latin literature (14x) Latin poetry (22x) Latin poetry, Medieval and modern (24x) Latinos (12x) Latour, Bruno (31x) Lattimore, Richmond (19x) Laughter (10x) Lauritzen, Paul (2280x) Law (18x) Law and economics (11x) Law and ethics (525x) Law and legislation (28x) Law and literature (101x) Law enforcement (22x) Law in literature (19x) Law reform (10x) Law, Greek (15x) Law, Medieval (43x) Laws (90x) Lawyers (53x) Lawyers & Judges (11x) Laxalt, Robert (14x) Leaders (135x) Leadership (11x) Leadership & Mentoring (12x) Leadership in women (16x) Leading (129x) Learning (42x) Learning and scholarship (13x) Learning, Psychology of (34x) Lebanon (17x) Lectures (12x) Lee, Benjamin (32x) Left (34x) Legacies (123x) Legacy (19x) Legal Education (10x) Legal ethics (371x) Legal History (31x) Legal Profession (330x) Legal status, laws, etc (12x) Legal Writing (35x) Legend (87x) Legends (25x) Legislation (25x) Legislative bodies (154x) Legislative Branch (12x) Legislative power (155x) Legislators (17x) Legitimacy (22x) Legitimacy of governments (28x) Leisure (11x) Lens (13x) Lentricchia, Frank (17x) Leo Strauss (12x) Leopold, Aldo (14x) Lerner, Josh (28x) Lesbian (10x) Lesbian feminism (129x) Lesbian Studies (20x) Lesbianism (13x) Lesbianism in literature (10x) Lesbianism in motion pictures (91x) Lesbians (23x) Lesbians in literature (112x) Lessons (12x) Letter (10x) Letter writing (333x) Letters (718x) Levels (18x) Levering, Matthew (13x) Lévi-Strauss, Claude (10x) Lewis, Janet (19x) Lewis, Peter (118x) Lewis, Robert E. (12x) Lewis, Tess (16x) Lévinas, Emmanuel (305x) LGBTQ+ (765x) LGBTQ+ Studies (180x) Liberalism (11x) Liberalism in literature (42x) Liberation (17x) Liberation theology (14x) Liberia (10x) Libertarianism (119x) Liberty (51x) Librarians (207x) Libraries (13x) Libraries and colleges (59x) Libraries and community (14x) Libraries and electronic publishing (15x) Libraries and preschool children (14x) Libraries and society (25x) Libraries and teenagers (17x) Libraries and the Internet (57x) Library (907x) Library & Information Science (26x) Library administration (11x) Library applications (10x) Library architecture (23x) Library buildings (12x) Library employees (10x) Library fund raising (14x) Library materials (11x) Library orientation (10x) Library orientation for college students (20x) Library personnel management (21x) Library planning (45x) Library science (16x) Library Web sites (1066x) Life (10x) Life - Size Guide (14x) Life change events (1616x) Life Sciences (58x) Life Stages (11x) Lifespan Development (16x) Lifestyles (74x) Light (12x) Lighting (11x) Lightman, Bernard (14x) Lightning (11x) Lima (119x) Limits (27x) Limnology (54x) Lincoln (137x) Lincoln, Abraham (11x) Lincoln, Bruce (35x) Line (29x) Lines (742x) Linguistics (20x) Lint, Gregg L. (13x) Lipsitz, George (10x) Lipson, Charles (37x) Listening (11x) LITA Guide (134x) Literacy (10x) Literacy programs (674x) Literary (1642x) Literary Collections (8342x) Literary Criticism (10x) Literary Culture (754x) Literary Figures (48x) Literary form (17x) Literary History (10x) Literary Imagination (14x) Literary landmarks (27x) Literary style (508x) Literature (45x) Literature & the Arts (20x) Literature and anthropology (17x) Literature and folklore (14x) Literature and globalization (82x) Literature and history (12x) Literature and medicine (13x) Literature and morals (60x) Literature and science (340x) Literature and society (32x) Literature and technology (12x) Literature and the Internet (14x) Literature and the revolution (72x) Literature and the war (15x) Literature and transnationalism (35x) Literature publishing (19x) Literature, Comparative (26x) Literature, Experimental (55x) Literature, Medieval (97x) Literature, Modern (27x) Literatures (10x) Lithuania (13x) Litigation (23x) Little Rock (13x) Little Rock (Ark.) (51x) Liturgy (25x) Live (112x) Lives (10x) Livestock (143x) Living (17x) Livy (35x) Lobbying (87x) Local (10x) Local color in literature (46x) Local government (12x) Local transit (16x) Location (15x) Locke, John (11x) Logging (184x) Logic (30x) Logic, Symbolic and mathematical (115x) London (43x) London (England) (14x) London 1660 - 1800 (11x) Lone Star State (11x) Longevity (15x) Longing (34x) Longitudinal studies (14x) Lopez Jr., Donald S. (18x) Lord (16x) Lord's Supper (11x) Lords (11x) Lore (133x) Los Angeles (41x) Los Angeles (Calif.) (10x) Losing (48x) Loss (18x) Loss (Psychology) (27x) Lost (14x) Lost Civilizations (10x) Louis (98x) Louisiana (259x) Love (15x) Love & Erotica (10x) Love & Romance (27x) Love in literature (13x) Love poetry, Latin (15x) Lowe, Lisa (13x) Loyalty (13x) Lucas, Ceil (11x) Lumber trade (10x) Lure (34x) Lynching (17x) Lyric poetry

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