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The most frequent J topics:

(10x) Jackson, Michael (45x) Jamaica (13x) James (11x) James, C. L. R. (11x) James, C. L. R. (Cyril Lionel Robert) (33x) James, Henry (42x) James, William (81x) Jameson, Fredric (10x) Jane Addams (14x) Jane Austen (33x) Jane Welsh Carlyle (613x) Japan (138x) Japanese (74x) Japanese Americans (16x) Japanese fiction (11x) Japanese influences (22x) Japanese Korean Linguistics (25x) Japanese language (35x) Japanese literature (15x) Java (157x) Jazz (63x) Jazz musicians (11x) Jefferson (19x) Jefferson, Thomas (33x) Jerusalem (33x) Jesuits (23x) Jesus (62x) Jesus Christ (42x) Jesus, the Gospels & Acts (11x) Jew (480x) Jewish (44x) Jewish authors (11x) Jewish children (22x) Jewish children in the Holocaust (12x) Jewish ethics (12x) Jewish families (10x) Jewish influences (19x) Jewish Law (11x) Jewish literature (34x) Jewish philosophy (26x) Jewish refugees (10x) Jewish resistance (291x) Jewish Studies (58x) Jewish women (17x) Jewish-Arab relations (616x) Jews (46x) Jews in literature (19x) Jews in motion pictures (11x) Jews in popular culture (16x) Jews, German (15x) Jihad (18x) Jim Crow (20x) Job (11x) Job Hunting (10x) Job satisfaction (12x) Jobs (37x) John (25x) John Adams (11x) John Chrysostom, Saint (49x) John Dewey (25x) Johnson, David E. (14x) Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines) (11x) Johnson, Mark (10x) Jones, W. H. S. (24x) Jordan (59x) Joseph, Gilbert M. (15x) Josephus (301x) Journal (16x) Journal for (10x) Journal of Labor Economics (22x) Journal of Political Economy (365x) Journalism (16x) Journalistic ethics (114x) Journalists (52x) Journals (82x) Journey (44x) Journeys (17x) Joy (37x) Joyce, James (38x) JPS Audio Version (39x) JPS: The Jewish Publication Society (610x) Judaism (21x) Judaism and literature (11x) Judaism in literature (100x) Judges (27x) Judgment (58x) Judicial Branch (11x) Judicial error (32x) Judicial Power (55x) Judicial process (22x) Judicial review (11x) Julier, Laura (18x) Jung, Patricia Beattie (11x) Jungle (78x) Jurisprudence (18x) Jury (15x) Just (18x) Just war doctrine (212x) Justice (49x) Justice, Administration of (11x) Juvenile corrections (10x) Juvenile courts (30x) Juvenile delinquency (19x) Juvenile delinquents (154x) Juvenile Fiction (23x) Juvenile justice, Administration of (121x) Juvenile literature (129x) Juvenile Nonfiction

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