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Communicate as a Professional
edited by Carel Jansen, Leon de Stadler and Aline Douma
by Michaël Steehouder
Amsterdam University Press
eISBN: 978-90-485-4014-3

Across a wide range of programs in international higher education, students prepare themselves for a career in their professional field. Learning how to communicate as a professional is an essential part of that preparation. No matter how diverse the possible professional situations are in which graduates will be employed, they are always expected to behave professionally in their communication - both within their own organization and beyond.In order to be able to adequately carry out their communication tasks, professionals must not only possess a large repertoire of knowledge and skills, but they also need to be able to deploy that repertoire accurately and appropriately in their communication. They have to make choices on what best suits the situation in which they communicate with others and the goals they want to achieve.Already during their training, students come across a variety of tasks that are largely new to them. For these tasks, too, they need a broad knowledge and skills repertoire from which they can make the right choices.
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