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Taming the Revolution
by Andrea Acle-Kreysing
Campus Verlag, 2022
Paper: 978-3-593-51598-4

An essential study of nineteenth-century Spanish political thought.

Jaime Balmes and Juan Donoso Cortés–the two most important conservative thinkers in nineteenth-century Spain–actively sought to preserve the centrality of church and monarchy in the wake of the rise of liberalism, while at the same time discrediting the stereotypical view of Spain as a backward and isolated country. Although they pursued a similar goal, their positions differed: while Balmes’ works anticipated a socially oriented Catholicism, Donoso presented Christianity as the supreme social good, incompatible with modern liberalism. In Taming the Revolution, Andrea Acle-Kreysing highlights the unresolved tensions in their works, escaping the dualistic interpretations of this period that defines tradition from modernity. This work endeavors to show how Spanish political thought was a compelling variation–rather than an aberration–of contemporary European debates.

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