Living Histories: Global Conversations in Art Education
edited by Dustin Garnet and Anita Sinner
Intellect Books, 2022
Cloth: 978-1-78938-563-2

New perspectives on art education from around the world.

Art education historians are not passive collectors of the past, but scholars engaged in new ways of doing history. The discipline is predicated on cultivating stories that move beyond representation to attend to aesthetic dimensions that bridge historiography, material culture, and teacher education. To keep pace with the movements of art and society, this edited collection considers that art education requires more inclusive and holistic versions of history from perspectives that break down barriers and cross borders in the pursuit of more informed and diverse understandings of the field. Living Histories is a collection of scholarship that explores the histories of art education through a series of international contexts, with contributions from more than thirty scholars based in eighteen countries.

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