Visual Futures: Exploring the Past, Present, and Divergent Possibilities of Visual Practice
edited by Tracey Bowen and Brett Caraway
Intellect Books, 2021
Paper: 978-1-78938-446-8

A collection of thoughtful and incisive examinations of how we interact and engage with the visual elements of our environments. 

In our everyday lives, we navigate a vast sea of visual imagery. Yet we rarely consider systematically how or why we derive meaning from this sea of the visual. Nor do we typically contemplate the effect it has on our motivations and actions as individuals and collectives. Visual Futures provides a new lens through which to analyze and challenge established perspectives, norms, and practices surrounding the visual. 

This edited collection ruminates on how visuality and the visual provoke a new kind of cultural exchange and explores the relationships, intersections, and collisions between visuality and visual practices and one (or a combination) of the following: embodiment, spatial literacy, emerging languages, historical reflection, educative practices, civic development, and social development. 

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