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Re-Mapping Centre and Periphery: Asymmetrical Encounters in European and Global Contexts
edited by Tessa Hauswedel, Axel Körner and Ulrich Tiedau
University College London, 2019
Paper: 978-1-78735-100-4 | Cloth: 978-1-78735-101-1
Library of Congress Classification D299
Dewey Decimal Classification 940

Historians often assume a one-directional transmission of knowledge and ideas, leading to the establishment of spatial hierarchies defined as centers and peripheries. In recent decades, transnational and global historians have contributed to a more inclusive understanding of intellectual and cultural exchanges that profoundly challenges the ways we draw our mental maps. Covering the early modern and modern periods, Re-Mapping Centre and Periphery investigates the asymmetrical and multidirectional structure of such encounters within Europe as well as in a global context. The international team of contributors demonstrates how, as products of human agency, center and periphery are conditioned by mutual dependencies. Rather than representing absolute categories of analysis, they are subjective constructions determined by a constantly changing discursive context. Through its analysis, the volume develops and implements a conceptual framework for remapping centers and peripheries, based on conceptual history and discourse history
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