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Rhetoric & Public Affairs 25, no. 1
edited by Catherine L. Langford
Michigan State University Press Journals, 2022
Paper: 978-1-68430-184-3

In This Issue


“Guided by Ghosts of the Post-­Civil War Era”: Felon Disenfranchisement and the Limits of Race Liberal Advocacy
    Chris S. Earle
Monkey Business in a Kangaroo Court: Reimagining Naruto v. Slater as a Litigious Event
    S. Marek Muller
“Imitation (In)Security” and the Polysemy of Russian Disinformation: A Case Study in How IRA Trolls Targeted U.S. Military Veterans
    Hamilton Bean, Stephen J. Hartnett, Farnoush Banaei-­Kashani, Haadi Jafarian, and Alex Koutsoukos
They Spoke in Defense of Roy Moore: Networked Apologia and Media Ecosystems
    Jacob Justice and Brett Bricker

Book Reviews
Roger C. Aden, ed., Rhetorics Haunting the National Mall: Displaced and Ephemeral Public Memories
    Reviewed by Daniel M. Chick
John Oddo, The Discourse of Propaganda: Case Studies from the Persian Gulf War and the War on Terror
    Reviewed by Yishan Wang
Kristen Hoerl, The Bad Sixties: Hollywood Memories of the Counterculture, Antiwar, and Black Power Movements
    Reviewed by David P. Schulz
Gary A. Remer, Ethics and the Orator: The Ciceronian Tradition of Political Morality
    Reviewed by Robert W. Cape, Jr.
Amos Kiewe, Andrew Jackson: A Rhetorical Portrayal of Presidential Leadership
    Reviewed by Jacob Justice
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