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Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management 25, no. 2
edited by M. Munawar
Michigan State University Press Journals, 2022
Paper: 978-1-68430-169-0

Ecosystem health and fisheries of Indian inland waters: Fisheries and biodiversity - Part 2 (AEHMS 12)

Application of the Laurentian Great Lakes ‘Ecosystem Approach’ towards remediation and restoration of the mighty River Ganges, India
M. Munawar, M. Fitzpatrick, I.F. Munawar (Canada)

Fisheries and Biodiversity
Genetic diversity study of three Indian major carps from four riverine ecosystems
B.K. Behera, V. S. Baisvar, A.K. Rout, P. Paria, P. K. Parida, D.K. Meena, P. Das, B. Sahu, B.K. Das, J. Jena (India)

Development and validation of fish-based index of biotic integrity for assessing ecological health of Indian rivers Mahanadi and Kathajodi-Devi
A.M. Sajina, D. Sudheesan, S. Samanta, S. K. Paul, S. Bhowmick, S. K. Nag, V. Kumar (India)

Fishery and population dynamics of Otolithoides pama (Hamilton, 1822) from Hooghly-Matlah Estuary of West Bengal, India
D. Bhakta, S.K. Das, B.K. Das, T.S. Nagesh, and B.K. Behera (India)

On the population characteristics of anadromous Tenualosa ilisha (Hamilton, 1822) occurring from River Brahmaputra, India
S. Borah, G. Vaisakh, A.K. Jaiswar, B.K. Bhattacharjya, A.K. Sahoo, G. Deshmukhe, B.K. Behera, D.K. Meena, P. Das, and B.K. Das (India)

Fish diversity and assemblage structure along the river-estuary continuum in the River Cauvery, India
C. M. Roshith, R. K. Manna, S. Samanta, V. R. Suresh, Lohith Kumar, S. Sibinamol, S. K. Sharma, A. Roy Choudhury, M. E. Vijayakumar, and B. K. Das (India)

Fish diversity, community structure, and environmental variables of River Tamas, a tributary of River Ganga, India
S. C. S. Das, D.N. Jha, V. Kumar, A. Alam, K. Srivastava, A.K. Sahoo, and B.K. Das (India)

E-Flow estimation through a hydrology-based method in the Tamas River at Bakiya Barrage, Madhya Pradesh, India
D.N. Jha, S.C.S. Das, K. Srivastava, V. Kumar, A.K. Sahoo, R. S. Srivastava, B.K. Das (India)

Ecosystem Health and Fisheries of Indian Inland Waters (AEHMS 12), Pantnagar, Utterakhand, India, February 17-19, 2020: Declaration and final recommendations of the conference


Contributed Papers
Model development in support of the Lake Ontario Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative
Y. Hui, D. Schlea, J. Atkinson, Z. Zhu, and T. Redder (USA)
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