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The New Civil Rights Movement Reader: Resistance, Resilience, and Justice
edited by Traci Parker and Marcia Walker-McWilliams
University of Massachusetts Press, 2023
eISBN: 978-1-61376-970-6 | Paper: 978-1-62534-689-6
Library of Congress Classification E185.61
Dewey Decimal Classification 323.1196073


In the United States, the fight to secure full civil rights for African American people has endured for centuries. The movement has included many voices, among them, working people, charismatic activists, musicians and artists, the LGBTQIA community, veterans, suburbanites, and elected officials. Moving from the labor struggles of the 1930s to the sit-ins and boycotts of midcentury, and the Black Lives Matter protests of today, this expansive volume brings together first-person accounts, political documents and speeches, and historical photographs from each region of the country.

Designed for use in courses and engaging for general readers, this new compilation is the most diverse, most inclusive, and most comprehensive resource available for teaching and learning about the civil rights movement. With chronological and geographical depth, The New Civil Rights Movement Reader addresses a range of key topics, including youth activism, regional and local freedom struggles, voting rights, economic inequality, gender, sexuality, and culture, and the movement’s global reach.

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