The Global South: Histories, Politics, Maps
edited by Pamila Gupta, Christopher Lee, Marissa Moorman and Sandhya Shukla
Duke University Press, 2018
Paper: 978-1-4780-0098-3

This special issue of Radical History Review offers a range of perspectives on the intellectual formation of the global South. Spanning time periods and objects of study across the global South, the essays develop new theoretical frameworks for thinking about geography, inequality, and subjectivity. Contributors investigate the construction of gender and racial formation in the global South and also explore what is politically and theoretically at stake in considering under-studied places like Guyana, or peripheries like Melanesia.  One essay considers how encounters between spaces in the global South, specifically between Lebanon and West Africa, help to refocus attention from the preoccupations of northern nations with their former colonies to the frictions of decolonization. Several articles focus on the role of popular culture in regard to the geopolitical formation of the global South, with topics ranging from film to music to the career of Muhammad Ali.

Contributors: Afro-Asian Networks Research Collective, Phineas Bbaala, Emily Callaci, Aharon de Grassi, Pamila Gupta, Mingwei Huang, Sean Jacobs, Maurice Jr. M. LaBelle, Christopher J. Lee, Roseann Liu, Marissa J. Moorman, Michelle Moyd, Ronald C. Po, Savannah Shange, Sandhya Shukla, Pahole Sookkasikon, Quito Swan, Sarah Van Beurden, Sarah E. Vaughn, Jelmer Vos, Keith B. Wagner

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