Natural Law and Contemporary Public Policy
edited by David Forte
contributions by David Forte, Hadley Arkes, Terry Hall, Christopher Wolfe, James R. Stoner Jr., John Mueller, R. George Wright, Patrick J. Kelly, David Forte, John P. Hittinger, Kent Greenawalt, John T. Noonan Jr., David Forte, David Forte, David Novak, Robert P. George, William E. May and John E. Coons
Georgetown University Press, 1998
Paper: 978-0-87840-692-0
Library of Congress Classification K460.N347 1998
Dewey Decimal Classification 340.112


Rooted in Western classical and medieval philosophies, the natural law movement of the last few decades seeks to rediscover fundamental moral truths. In this book, prominent thinkers demonstrate how natural law can be used to resolve a wide range of complex social, political, and constitutional issues by addressing controversial subjects that include the family, taxation, war, racial discrimination, medical technology, and sexuality.

This volume will be of value to those working in philosophy, political science, and legal theory, as well as to policy analysts, legislators, and judges.

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