Pre-Columbian Shell Engravings from the Craig Mound at Spiro, Oklahoma
by Philip Phillips and James A. Brown
Harvard University Press, 1978
Paper: 978-0-87365-802-7
Library of Congress Classification E78.O45P44 1978
Dewey Decimal Classification 736.6


The Craig Mound at Spiro, Oklahoma was the richest source of pre-Columbian shell engravings in North America, a treasury of early native American artistry. From about AD 1250 until the early part of this century, it remained virtually undisturbed, but in 1933, it was plundered by commercial diggers. The fragments of the shell cups and gorgets became widely scattered, as museums and private collectors sought to acquire them. It is only through the publication of this work that the pieces have been put back together.

These lavishly illustrated volumes showcase the variety of iconography and of the engravers.

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