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The Long Shadows: A Global Environmental History of the Second World War
edited by Simo Laakkonen, Richard Tucker and Timo Vuorisalo
Oregon State University Press, 2017
eISBN: 978-0-87071-880-9 | Paper: 978-0-87071-879-3
Library of Congress Classification D744.L58 2017
Dewey Decimal Classification 940.531


The Long Shadows is the first book-length work to offer global perspectives on the environmental history of World War II. Based on long-term research, the selected articles represent the best available studies in different fields and countries. With contributions touching on Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, the book has a truly global approach.

While other edited volumes on the environmental history of warfare discuss multiple wars and various time periods, The Long Shadows is devoted exclusively to World War II and its profound and lasting impact on global environments, encompassing polar, temperate and tropical ecological zones. Divided into three main sections, the first offers an introduction to and holistic overview of the War. The second section of the book examines the social and environmental impacts of the conflict, while the third focuses on the history and legacy of resource extraction. A fourth and final section offers conclusions and hypotheses. Numerous themes and topics are explored in these previously unpublished essays, including the new and innovative field of acoustic ecology, the environmental policies of the Third Reich, Japanese imperialism and marine resources, and the control of Typhus fever.

Aimed at researchers and students in the fields of environmental history, military history, and global history, The Long Shadows will also appeal to a general audience interested in the environmental impact of the greatest military conflict in the history of the world.

Outi Ampuja
Alla Bolotova
Chris Boyer
Matthew Evenden
Paul Josephson
Simo Laakkonen
Helene Laurent
Carol MacLennan
Gregory Maddox                                                                                              
Ilmo Massa
Evan Mawdsley
Micah Muscolino
William Tsutsui
Richard Tucker           
Timo Vuorisalo            
Anna-Katharina Wöbse
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