The Electric Car: Development and future of battery, hybrid and fuel-cell cars
by Mike H. Westbrook
The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2001
eISBN: 978-1-84919-174-6 | Cloth: 978-0-85296-013-4
Library of Congress Classification TS156.8.A87
Dewey Decimal Classification 628.8

This book covers the development of electric cars from their early days to pure electric, fuel-cell and new hybrid models in production. It covers the latest technological issues faced by automotive engineers working on electric cars, including charging, infrastructure, safety and costs, as well as making predictions about future developments and vehicle numbers. Considerable work has gone into electric car and battery development in the last ten years, with the prospect of substantial improvements in range and performance in battery cars as well as in hybrids and those using fuel cells. The book comprehensively covers this important subject and will be of particular interest to engineers working on electric vehicle design, development and use, as well as managers interested in the key business factors vital for the successful transfer of electric cars into the mass market.
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