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People on the Move: The Security, Social, and Economic Implications of Mass Migration, Volume 15
by Nikolaos Stavrou, Raymond Ewing and J. Anyu Ndumbe
Duke University Press
Paper: 978-0-8223-6613-3

On an annual basis, approximately 100 million people either attempt to or actually do leave their place of birth, often not knowing their final destination. The flow of immigrants who arrive in neighboring countries in search of refuge and work raises social, political, and security concerns. This special issue of Mediterranean Quarterly takes a closer look at a pattern of history that is at the core of current global instability—the mass migration of peoples.

This collection gathers a unique group of contributors, including representatives from Congress, the United Nations, and Israel’s Ministry of Justice, as well as senior diplomats from Canada, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey. Presenting their diverse perspectives, the contributors address regional and policy issues related to the mass migration of people, as well as questions concerning citizenship and national security, human trafficking in the form of prostitution, and cultural discrimination. The result is a multifaceted exploration of issues underlying many of the world’s economic, security, and social challenges. Other topics include the impact of state failure on migration, immigration in California, security measures and “preferred” immigrants in Canada after September 11, 2001, and Albanian migration into Greece.

Contributors. Alexandre Afonso, David Binder, Andrew C. Danopoulos, Constantine P. Danopoulos, Francis M. Deng, Mohamed A. El-Khawas, Omar G. Encarnación, Rochelle Gershuni, Larry L. Gerston, Ahmet Içduygu, Benjamin Kline, Bojan Korenic, Erin Kruger, Robert S. Leiken, Marlene Mulder, Elena Poptodorova, Tom Tancredo

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