Marxist Scholarship, Volume 3
by Tani Barlow
Duke University Press
Paper: 978-0-8223-6438-2

This impressive and lucid study displays the widely divergent trajectories of thought that stem from Asian studies and Asian production of Marxisms and, at the same time, exemplifies the New Internationalism in scholarly research. In its accounts of political struggles, cultural resistance, and theoretical strategies, Marxist Scholarship seeks to redress the fading interest in alternatives to global consumerism by rousing the waning spirits of emancipatory thinking. These deliberations take on particular urgency in the present global economic context as the G-7 anxiously await full opening of East Asian markets and investment opportunities.

Although the influence of deconstruction, post-Marxism, and other postmodernist practices is felt in this volume, many of the essays indicate a move to reengage the Marxist legacies. In their complex interactions with topics such as the tradition of Chinese Marxism, the Kwangju Uprising and massacre, the fetishism of cult leaders, and community policing in China, these essays demonstrate the analytical importance of categories such as exploitation, alienation, and violence for any engagement with the politics of knowledge.

Contributors. Bill Brugger, Li Dazhao, Michael Dutton, D. R. Howland, Liu Kang, Rajeswari Mohan, You-me Park, William Pietz, Claudia Pozzana, Sanjay Seth, Gi-Wook Shin, Tomiyama Ichiro, Jing Wang, Gang Yue

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