The Post-1945 Internationalization of Economics, Volume 28
edited by A. W. Coats
Duke University Press
Cloth: 978-0-8223-1876-7

In addressing the internationalization of economics after 1945, these essays are concerned with aspects of economic education, the economist’s role in policymaking, and the sociology and professionalization of the discipline. These matters have rarely been considered in international terms. While discussing organizations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the European Community, and presenting studies that are primarily concerned with the effect of these developments in particular countries, this volume focuses on the situation of Latin America. Arguably, the post-1945 internationalization of economics has proceeded further, more dramatically, and with greater effect in that continent than in any other region of comparable size.

Contributors. S. Ambirajan, William Ascher, William J. Barber, Young Back Choi, A. W. Coats, Barend de Vries, Margaret Garrison de Vries, Peter Groenewegen, Arnold Harberger, Aiko Ikeo, Maria Rita Loureiro, Ivo Maes, Veronica Montecinos, Jacques J. Polak, Pier Luigi Porta, Bo Sandelin, Ann Veiderpass, John Williamson

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