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Reconsidering Mississippian Communities and Households
edited by Elizabeth Watts Malouchos and Alleen Betzenhauser
contributions by Tamira K. Brennan, Meghan E. Buchanan, Jera R. Davis, Heidi A. de Gregory, Paige A. Ford, Adam King, Duncan P. McKinnon, Erin S. Nelson, Christopher B. Rodning, Benjamin A. Steere, Amber R. Thorpe, Elizabeth Watts Malouchos, Jason Yaeger, Keith Ashley, Melissa R. Baltus, Alleen Betzenhauser, Jennifer Birch, Edmond A. Boudreaux III and Stefan Brannan
foreword by Gregory D. Wilson
University of Alabama Press, 2021
Cloth: 978-0-8173-2088-1 | eISBN: 978-0-8173-9346-5
Library of Congress Classification E99.M6815R33 2021
Dewey Decimal Classification 975.01

Explores the archaeology of Mississippian communities and households using new data and advances in method and theory
Published in 1995, Mississippian Communities and Households, edited by J. Daniel Rogers and Bruce D. Smith, was a foundational text that advanced southeastern archaeology in significant ways and brought household-level archaeology to the forefront of the field. Reconsidering Mississippian Communitiesand Households revisits and builds on what has been learned in the years since the Rogers and Smith volume, advancing the field further with the diverse perspectives of current social theory and methods and big data as applied to communities in Native America from the AD 900s to 1700s and from northeast Florida to southwest Arkansas.

Watts Malouchos and Betzenhauser bring together scholars researching diverse Mississippian Southeast and Midwest sites to investigate aspects of community and household construction, maintenance, and dissolution. Thirteen original case studies prove that community can be enacted and expressed in various ways, including in feasting, pottery styles, war and conflict, and mortuary treatments.
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