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The Moral Philosophy of Dietrich von Hildebrand
by Martin Cajthaml and Vlastimil Vohánka
John F. Crosby
Catholic University of America Press, 2020
eISBN: 978-0-8132-3251-5 | Cloth: 978-0-8132-3250-8
Library of Congress Classification BJ754.V62C35 2019
Dewey Decimal Classification 170.92

The Moral Philosophy of Dietrich von Hildebrand is the first full-fledged monograph on von Hildebrand’s moral philosophy available to date. Despite this pioneering effort, its aim is not to treat all the themes belonging to this area with equal depth and breadth. Rather, it focuses on the themes indicated by the aforementioned questions and relates them according to their inner systematic links rather than according to how and when they appear in von Hildebrand’s works. It also engages von Hildebrand in a critical dialogue, particularly with the ethics of Plato and Aristotle. This book will serve as a very good introduction not just to von Hildebrand´s moral philosophy but to his thought in general.
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