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Delimiting Anthropology: Occasional Inquiries and Reflections
by George W. Stocking, Jr. and George Stocking
University of Wisconsin Press, 2001
Cloth: 978-0-299-17450-7
Library of Congress Classification GN308.S75 2001
Dewey Decimal Classification 306.09

Delimiting Anthropology makes available sixteen essays from the influential career of George W. Stocking, Jr., the world's preeminent historian of anthropology. The essays are grouped in four quartets, echoing the major phases of Stocking's own research over four decades. In his introductory comments he places each essay in the context of his entire body of work.

The first quartet focuses on the work of Franz Boas and the emergence of "Boasian Culturalism." In the second set of essays Stocking addresses the careers of three British "evolutionaries"—Lord Kames; Sir E. B. Tylor; and Sir James G. Frazer—tracking the development of cultural evolutionary thought from its origins in the Scottish Enlightenment through its early twentieth-century afterglow in Frazer's The Golden Bough.

The third group of essays looks at institutions and national traditions, including British ethnography exemplified in the fieldwork manual Notes and Queries; the humanistic Parisian Société d'Ethnographie; the early tension at the Laboratory of Anthropology in Santa Fe between aspiring local amateur anthropologists and professionals from Eastern universities; and the history of ethnographic museums in the European tradition. In closing, Stocking offers reflections on major tendencies in anthropology from the eighteenth century to the present.

"George Stocking is without rival as an historian of modern anthropology. He is trained as an historian, and he knows anthropologists from having lived among them. This collection is indispensable for any one or place concerned with the subject."—Dell Hymes, editor of Reinventing Anthropology

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