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HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, volume 12 number 2 (Autumn 2022)
by The University of Chicago Press and HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory
other editor Society for Ethnographic Theory
University of Chicago Press Journals, 2022
eISBN: 978-0-226-91678-1

This is volume 12 issue 2 of HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, is an international journal which aims to situate ethnography as the prime heuristic of anthropology, and return it to the forefront of conceptual developments in the discipline. The journal is motivated by the need to reinstate ethnographic theorization in contemporary anthropology as a potent alternative to its "explanation" or "contextualization" by philosophical arguments, moves which have resulted in a loss of the discipline's distinctive theoretical nerve. By drawing out its potential to critically engage and challenge Western cosmological assumptions and conceptual determinations, HAU aims to provide an exciting new arena for evaluating ethnography as a daring enterprise for 'worlding' alien terms and forms of life, by exploiting their potential for rethinking humanity and alterity.
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