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The Naked Man: Mythologiques, Volume 4
by Claude Lévi-Strauss
translated by John Weightman and Doreen Weightman
University of Chicago Press, 1990
Paper: 978-0-226-47496-0
Library of Congress Classification E99.N77L4813 1990
Dewey Decimal Classification 398.042089970795

"The Naked Man is the fourth and final volume [of Mythologiques], written by the most influential and probably the most controversial anthropologist of our time. . . . Myths from North and South America are set side by side to show their transformations: in passing from person to person and place to place, a myth can change its content and yet retain its structural principles. . . . Apart from the complicated transformations discovered and the fascinating constructions placed on these, the stories themselves provide a feast."—Betty Abel, Contemporary Review

"Lévi-Strauss uses the structural method he developed to analyze and 'decode' the mythology of native North Americans, focusing on the area west of the Rockies. . . . [The author] takes the opportunity to refute arguments against his method; his chapter 'Finale' is a defense of structural analysis as well as the closing statement of this four-volume opus which started with an 'Ouverture' in The Raw and the Cooked."—Library Journal

"The culmination of one of the major intellectual feats of our time."—Paul Stuewe, Quill and Quire

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